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Clinical Documentation Integrity Key Performance Indicators Practice Brief

This practice brief is focused on the key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be evaluated to measure the performance of clinical documentation integrity (CDI). KPIs are measurements specific for an organization or department being evaluated. KPIs are critical to track progress toward an intended result. They provide a focus for strategic and operational improvement, create an analytical basis for decision-making, and help maintain attention on the most impactful information.

Explainability of AI Models to Prevent Bias in Clinical Systems

Artificial intelligence (AI) has massive potential to change and improve outcomes in every industry, but we are only just beginning to implement this groundbreaking technological power in healthcare. AI systems can help with clinical decision support (CDS), early diagnosis of diseases, identifying previously unknown rare and genetic disorders, predicting patient behavior and adherence, finding new treatments, automating billing and other tasks, and many other important functions.



analyst in front of monitors

A Day in the Life of Three Data Analysts

The Journal of AHIMA recently caught up with a few professionals working in the data analytics space to learn more about what their typical day looks like as data analysts and the challenges and trends in the field. Janae Logan, MSHMI, Allyson Russell, and Larry Mandelkehr recently participated in a webinar series for the Healthcare Data & Analytics Association (HDAA) in partnership with the Rutgers Business School with the aim of attracting the next generation of healthcare analytics practitioners.




Evolving Healthcare Series

AHIMA is a leader in Health Information and is committed to keeping our audience informed on evolving healthcare trends. Learn about the innovations and technology in healthcare that will impact your work and your career by participating in the Evolving Healthcare Webinar Series.




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AHIMA23 Conference: Call for Presentations Now Open!

Calling all health information experts seeking an opportunity to engage with an audience of industry leaders, learners, and decision-makers! Do you have data-driven best practices to share that elevate the health information profession? Submit a proposal today to present at the AHIMA23 Conference, being held October 8 – 10, 2023 in Baltimore, MD.

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