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AHIMA Data Privacy Statement Effective Date: 8-1-2018

Privacy Statement for AHIMA Web Sites

The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) is a Chicago, IL, US-based, nonprofit membership association whose mission is to support American health information management (HIM) professionals by providing products and services (including, but not limited to, informational and educational, in-person and online meetings and training, and publications, in addition to professional certifications, and US government relations activities in AHIMA’s Washington, DC office.) AHIMA products and services are available only in English and may not be available in all regions; payment for goods and services is accepted only in US dollars.

Choosing to purchase or use products or services provided by AHIMA signifies that you understand and agree to this privacy statement and accept the methods for storing, using, and sharing your information.

AHIMA’s Data Privacy Statement affirms AHIMA’s commitment to honoring the privacy of anyone who provides personal information on our website through careful compliance with privacy and data protection laws. It is AHIMA’s goal to constantly improve its services to meet its customers’ needs. There are times when AHIMA collects and stores information, including personal information, which enables us to provide quality services, such as member services, product and sales information, and information about the health information management professions. 

AHIMA website users are cautioned it is their responsibility to check our data privacy statement frequently for updates that may affect them.

This statement applies to all products and services offered by AHIMA and covers all personal information collected from AHIMA’s website. It does not apply to services and products offered by other entities or persons, including other companies and organizations that advertise AHIMA services or any third party operating a website that is reached by a link from an AHIMA website or other digital assets (such as electronic forms). 

AHIMA may collect personal information when an individual registers for an account, uses AHIMA online services, or when submitting documentation using forms (e.g., order forms) by other electronic and paper methods. AHIMA subscribes to services that provide lists of individuals with the types of information detailed below. In addition, individuals have the option of giving permission for a third party to provide AHIMA with their personal information (for example, you can permit a university to disclose your grades). Personal information is captured as part of an individual’s “Contact Profile.” Information captured in the profile may include such information as the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Phone numbers
  • E-mail addresses
  • Employment history
  • School transcripts
  • Credit Card information may be received when provided by customer.
    • Credit card information submitted via the AHIMA Store is not retained in any form.
    • Paper forms that may contain credit card information are secured in locked cabinets and shredded by a professional third-party, secured shredding service when no longer required as part of the business process. Areas where credit card information may be accessed is monitored using video surveillance that is reviewed periodically.

AHIMA online services use cookies (small text files stored either temporarily or permanently on a user’s computer hard disk, which allow the website to recognize the user and track usage of the site, preferences, IP addresses and pages visited, and to gather data and marketing information). Cookies may improve and/or simplify the use of AHIMA’s online services. AHIMA’s site does not respond to browser do-not-track signals.

Your information may be used to personalize your experience on AHIMA online services by presenting information that may interest you. You can opt out for these messages within the online profile you set up.

  • AHIMA provides member information to state associations (designated as component associations, or CAs) for standard business. Members may change their opt-in status in their profile to control how their information is distributed.
  • Convention and meeting exhibitors and sponsors receive attendee lists (featuring attendee name, title, company, and postal mailing address). Attendees can opt out of these mailings when registering for an event.

Members and customers can opt in/out of communications by changing their online communications preferences under "Update My Profile." 

AHIMA may use personal information in the following ways:

  • AHIMA may use personal information collected through its online services and other methods (such as e-mail, fax, chat, telephone) to provide you with information, products, and services you may be interested in, request, or purchase; to contact you with member information; to invite you to participate in surveys and research projects; to invite you to provide feedback; to better understand your needs or interests; or to improve our products and services.
  • Additionally, basic personal information, as identified above, may be exchanged with AHIMA third-party business partners that aid in the delivery of purchased services.
  • AHIMA may also share your information in the aggregate with governments, regulatory bodies, and/or supervisory authorities, and as required by law. 

AHIMA may retain your personal information in its systems for the duration of the relationship managed by your decision. Your information will be retained as required by law.

In accordance with data privacy and protection laws and regulations, you may have a right to request data access or correction and restriction of sharing. You may also have the right to data portability to the extent allowable under governing law. 
You may have the right to choose to have your personal information removed from AHIMA systems. Please contact AHIMA Customer Service at (800) 335-5535 to make a formal request. AHIMA will take reasonable actions to remove your personal information from its systems by overwriting the fields as identified above with nonidentifiable data. If you chose to do this option, AHIMA will not be able to recover your information if you re-engage with AHIMA.

Print materials containing your information will be shredded by secured contractors and destroyed. 
For more information, please contact Customer Service at (800) 335-5535 or send an inquiry to the Data Privacy Officer at

AHIMA is committed to using current, appropriate technologies, contracts, administrative, physical, and organizational measures to protect your personal information from data loss, destruction, unauthorized access, and accidental and/or unlawful disclosure or manipulation. These measures are subject to continuous improvement actions as technologies progress. They are also reviewed and measured periodically to comply with all applicable privacy laws. 

If you suspect fraudulent activity, please contact AHIMA to verify validity of the communication. You can reach AHIMA by calling Customer Service at (800) 335-5535 or by e-mail at

AHIMA does not sell its membership database or its event attendee lists to third-party companies. Beware of individuals who say that they represent AHIMA and who are offering access to "verified" AHIMA membership or attendee data. Any such persons may be reported to

In AHIMA's Communities of Practice website, general profile data on members is accessible to other members in aggregate form. Information provided to other members includes a member's name, city, state, job title, and workplace as part of an online member directory. Other identifying information is not available.

Unique identifiers (such as membership identification numbers) are collected from Web site visitors to verify the user's identity, provide customized Web pages, and customized information, and for use as account numbers in our record system. Such unique and individually identified information is never sold or disclosed to third parties.

AHIMA sites make discussion forums available to users. Please remember that any information disclosed in these types of forums becomes public information, and you should exercise caution when deciding whether to disclose any personal or sensitive information. Discussion forums may be monitored for content by AHIMA. AHIMA retains the right to remove content at its discretion. 

The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) also utilizes NextRoll for our online marketing activities and if you live in California and would like to learn more about NextRoll and the California Consumer Privacy Act please click here.

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